Design, technology, quality.
Void Glasses
Void Glasses was founded in 2016. The brand specializes in the production of conceptual sunglasses. Void Glasses is a combination of bold design and guaranteed comfort and international quality standards.

Unique Manufacturing Technology

Each pair of VOID Glasses is made with special frame milling technology that includes over 60 steps, some of which are done by hand. In order to achieve a perfect fit and feel we take into account unique facial features, making sure our frames fit everyone comfortably.
We always search for new technologies and materials and implement them into our product. For example, we use recently patented accessories from Visottica, which can adapt in accordance with special face features providing maximum fit and comfort.
We use special glass staining technology that can infuse pigment up to 0.9 mm deep. We create our own hues in accordance with our ideas.
We use Carl Zeiss lenses which guarantee their quality and compliance with international standards.
VOID GLASSES frames are made of Mazzucchelli acetate – the perfect material for optical and sunglasses production. This worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of acetate offers a wide range of colors, shades, and textures.
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